Cory L

“Not only does he do the tasks I ask him, but he goes above and beyond.”

Matt P

“Matt brings a lot to the golf course industry.”

Charles K

“Golf and this industry gave me purpose…”

Thomas G

“How to work long hours and be functional anytime day or night.”

Jaymeson W

“I have so many cool experiences in the military, it’s really hard to just single one out.”

J Michael H

“I learned to trust the men around me with my life.”

Gene W

“Those truly were the best 20 years of my life.”

Kurt D

“Serve your country and do it proudly.”

Jason H

“In other words, a tow truck made for tanks.”

William B

“If I didn’t be all that I could be I may get not be here now.”

Steve W

“Honor, respect and devotion to duty.”

Michael S

“Once or twice a year my unit would spend 30 days on border patrol…”

Erin S

“I apply these daily in my agronomic role in the golf industry.”

Roland M

“I was forced to ‘grow up'”

Jennifer T

“I learned the value of teamwork and communication.”

Isaac Z

“The Answer is yes, the question is how”

Steven T

“Military work ethic (Never Quit!)…”

Jeff L

“Experiences I will never forget.”

Barry S

“Responsibility, dedication, punctuation, endurance.”

Adam F

“After serving honorably for 7 years I had decided that a “calmer” career…”

William B

“Living and serving with the finest people I have ever meet.”

Ronald P

“The skills I learned in the military were leading by example and prioritizing your tasks.”

John C

“If you were told to do a job, get it done.”

Trevor E

“It was the honor of a lifetime to serve this great nation”

Kip B

“All of that has helped me look at things differently”