Ronald P

Skills for a Lifetime

Ronald Peterman
Director of Greens
Caloosa Golf & CC, Ruskin, FL
Branch Served: Army

The skills I learned in the military were leading by example and prioritizing your tasks. I always believe in “don’t ask someone to do something that you haven’t already done.” Sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves and get in there with the bugs, heat, and sweat. You know, the skills and experience to show and teach employees. Knowing you can’t get everything accomplished in a day or a week means you need to be able to establish tasks that sometimes depend on manpower, equipment, and funding. Also, knowing what’s important today may not be important in the accomplishment of your strategic goals.

My coolest experience was being a drill sergeant for three years. Molding young men and women into soldiers. Taking them from all walks of life and teaching them skills that they can utilize for a lifetime.

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Cory L

“Not only does he do the tasks I ask him, but he goes above and beyond.”

Matt P

“Matt brings a lot to the golf course industry.”