John C

No Excuses

John Carothers
Golf Course Superintendent
Cherokee Hills Golf Club, Owasso, OK
Branch Served: Navy

What skills did you learn in your military service that helped you in your current role in the golf industry?
“I learned that there are no excuses. If you were told to be somewhere at a certain time, you’d better be there. If you were told to do a job, get it done. It’s the same in our industry. People don’t want to hear why you couldn’t get it done, they just want results. It sounds simple but a lot of people don’t get it.”

What was the coolest experience you had during your military service?
“The travel. It’s the reason I chose the Navy. I got to visit 22 countries in 6 years. I also got to shake hands with two Presidents and a Pope. Pretty cool if you ask me.”

“I joined the Navy in 1987. I was a college student and wasn’t doing well in school so I decided to give the military a try. Best decision I ever made. I served 6 years and grew up as a person. I served in the Persian Gulf for 19 months during Desert Storm and also had deployments to Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, and North Atlantic. To say it helped me grow up is an understatement. After returning home and going back to college, I made the honor roll every semester. Definitely a good choice.”

John Carothers
US Navy 1987-1993

John started working on golf courses when he was While at OSU he worked at Karsten Creek Golf Club. Then was an assistant at Oak Tree Country Club before taking the same role at Southern Hills Country Club, then on to Cherokee Hills as Superintendent.

Submitted by: David Nowland

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Cory L

“Not only does he do the tasks I ask him, but he goes above and beyond.”

Matt P

“Matt brings a lot to the golf course industry.”