Roland M

A Head Start

Roland McPhearson
Orinda Country Club, Napa, CA
Branch Served: Air Force

Two things I learned/experienced that helps me in my position today:

  • I received six months of full time education/training as an electronic technician equivalent to a two-year associates degree. That knowledge and hands-on experience has been extremely valuable during my stint as an irrigation technician and now as an Equipment Manager.
  • I was forced to “grow up”, or at least given the chance to get a head start over most others my age (18 years old)

Coolest thing: While flying in a refueling tanker in the middle of the night over the Atlantic I got to watch the boom operator guide the refueling hose down to the trailing F-15. That was long before you could watch that being done on YouTube!

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Cory L

“Not only does he do the tasks I ask him, but he goes above and beyond.”

Matt P

“Matt brings a lot to the golf course industry.”