Charles K

Golf Had My Six

Charles Keithley
Assistant Superintendent
The Standard Country Club, Louisville, KY
Branch Served: Army


My story begins I guess with my combat duty service in Afghanistan for a lengthy period of my life— about 15 years of active duty. Around half of which were in a combat environment. I have had no golf experience other than a drunken round or two in my 20s. After I got out of the service, I was diagnosed with several TBIs and PTSD with prolonged exposure. I tried my hand in the cycling business, owning my own business and then selling the business. I had the typical several marriages, divorces, and kids I didn’t see much. I would say about 4 years ago, after closing my shops and going thru my 2nd divorce, I went down a very dark road with alcohol and depression. Unfortunately many vets my age and with my resume don’t not come back from it.

My parents, who are Kentucky residents, came to my rescue. I spent 11 days in ICU being rescued from alcohol and near death. My dad recommended that I move to Kentucky from Colorado and recovery and stay sober. I wasn’t working and they live a block from Standard CC, so I figured I’d give it a shot and mow some grass. The Superintendent, Aaron D., gave me a shot. I guess he saw some potential, hard work, and my military discipline.

He enrolled me in a few certificate programs at the University of Kentucky, GCSAA, and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. I was also given the shot to further my career at Standard as well. So, I guess to wrap it up, golf and this industry gave me purpose, meaning, the desire to learn, and the desire to stay sober. Plus, I love my job.

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Cory L

“Not only does he do the tasks I ask him, but he goes above and beyond.”

Matt P

“Matt brings a lot to the golf course industry.”