Adam F

Change the Culture

Adam Flynn
Assistant Superintendent
Pasadena Yacht and Country Club, Tarpon Springs, FL
Branch Served: Marine Corps

After serving honorably for 7 years I had decided that a “calmer” career is what I needed. I started working at a local golf course and soon found my way to the assistant superintendent position. Hard work and mental fortitude were the reasons I was even considered for such a position. I have been the assistant for 2 clubs now and have been at my current club for over 5 years. When I got here the crew was lackadaisical to say the least with a turnover rate of 50%. I was told to “change the culture” and I took that as a challenge. I interviewed, hired and trained many people until they bought into the team and camaraderie that I was attempting to instill. After 2 years of a turnover battle I was able to establish a great work ethic and fellowship among the golf maintenance crew here at PYCC. Hard work, physically and mentally along with leading by example made that possible. Today the turnover rate is around 7%. I feel confident that my supervisor has been pleased with the direction the maintenance department has taken and we will continue to run at a high degree of attention to detail and brilliance in the basics of the golf course industry.

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Cory L

“Not only does he do the tasks I ask him, but he goes above and beyond.”

Matt P

“Matt brings a lot to the golf course industry.”