Your Golf Course Stands Out with Tall Fescue

March 26th, 2018 9:33pm CDT

Sponsored By Oregon Tall Fescue Commission

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Alex Kowalewski, Ph.D., highlights improvements in tall fescue as it relates to turfgrass quality, drought tolerance, wastewater tolerance and low fertility management in this 60-minute webinar. Rising human populations and climate change are putting increasing demands on fresh water. In response to these concerns, golf course superintendents are seeking turfgrass species that require less irrigation and tolerate the application of wastewater, rather than potable water. Due to decreasing budgets, turf managers are also seeking turf species that can persist in low-fertility situations. When considering these factors in the cool-season turfgrass zones, the turf species that stands out is tall fescue. Listen in to hear Kowalewski discuss various uses of the turfgrass such as roughs and natural areas as well as management practices specific to tall fescue.