Using Alternatives to Methyl Bromide to Kill Existing Vegetation

March 26th, 2018 8:47pm CDT

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The loss of methyl bromide has caused some disruption in the turfgrass industry. The need for soil sterilization is not widespread but is badly needed in some situations; most commonly renovations. In this 60-minute webcast, Fred Yelverton, Ph.D., shares information from 2015 research trials developed to determine if programs could be created to eradicate bermudagrass, as would be done when one type of turfgrass is being removed and another type is being established. Treatments including Basamid, that involved tarping vs. no tarping, and in combination with glyphosate + fluazifop are presented. The results indicate total vegetation control can be obtained – and weed control programs developed in this research program are highly effective. If you have a project to convert putting greens from one bermudagrass to another or replace annual bluegrass/bentgrass putting greens with creeping bentgrass you’ll want watch this recorded event.