UAVs in Golf Course Management

March 27th, 2018 2:21pm CDT

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UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are extensively used in agriculture. Their ability to provide the land manager a real-time, “birds-eye” view of the property has proved invaluable in helping to manage water, disease outbreaks, nutrient deficiencies, and a host of other factors. While UAVs (or drones as they are incorrectly called) have seen limited use in golf course marketing purposes, a rapidly growing number of superintendents are employing this new technology to enhance their course management efforts. In this 90-minute webcast, Jim Moore, from the USGA Green Section, examines how UAVs can be used in golf course management. Listen in to learn how the technology works, how to select the proper equipment, and how to use the equipment safely and in accordance with current law.