Time Management & Goal Setting for Success Now

March 26th, 2018 8:48pm CDT

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People are constantly expected to get more accomplished in less time and with even fewer resources. Are you managing your time and your tasks or are they managing you? Perhaps you are dealing with a lengthening to-do list to which tasks are being added more quickly than they are being marked ‘complete.’ In this engaging, on-line program, focused for equipment managers, you have the opportunity to step back and get a fresh perspective on what really matters. Rick Capozzi helps you see how to achieve greater results while eliminating the interruptions and tasks that drain your energy and productivity. This 60-minute webcast is chock-full of insights, ideas and best practices to help you to focus on the 20% where your real results originate. At the same time, you will gain insights on how to reduce the 80% that causes negative stress and slows your success.