SNAG and Your Community

March 29th, 2018 6:56pm CDT

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SNAG stands for “Starting New at Golf.” SNAG is designed to introduce new people to the sport, and is a fun and easy way to learn to play golf at any age. Recently, the City of Loveland, Colo., constructed a new type of course to make it easier for new participants to try out the sport without the barriers associated with a regulation golf course. In this 90-minute webcast, Steve Southard, CGCS, will present a case study on the Cattail Creek Mini-Course. The mini-course is a nine-hole facility that combines a nine-hole real grass putting course with nine holes of SNAG-friendly golf. The putting course aspect of the new course is exactly as it sounds — a real grass golf course played only with a putter. The SNAG-friendly portion of the course is integrated seamlessly into the putting course and incorporates the use of special SNAG equipment. Southard will explain how this new facility has impacted golf in his community.

About the Instructor
Steve Southard, CGCS, is the golf operations manager for the City of Loveland. He is also the president of Pace and Production LLC, a golf course training and consulting company that specializes in pace of play and increasing revenue. Southard has taught at the GCSAA Education Conference and helped develop a GCSAA online course on pace of play. He is also working closely with the USGA on their new Pace of Play Initiative.