Renovating Kentucky Bluegrass Fairways

March 26th, 2018 8:51pm CDT

Sponsored By Barenbrug USA

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The improvement and renovation of Kentucky bluegrass fairways has forever been a chore long on hope and short on a results. However, in the last five years, improved Kentucky bluegrass cultivars have significantly improved both renovation results and long-term fairway performance. Mike Harrell, Ph.D., of the Southeast Turf Research Center, Tim Willard, CGCS at Frankfort Country Club, and John Rector, Barenbrug Turf Product Manager, review of the renovation journey at Frankfort CC in Frankfort, Kentucky. Harrell and Willard evaluate the process and journey – long in surprises and success – which culminates in full-fairway renovation in Aug. 2016, at Frankfort CC. Listen in to take advantage of the lessons learned.