Predictive Modeling for Turfgrass Performance and Health

March 29th, 2018 6:45pm CDT

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Carmen Magro, CGCS, uses his 21 years’ experience working with turf challenges and technology to draw predictive models for developing healthy and high-performance turf systems. Information in this webcast hits home for turf managers in every region as it ties together variations in soil and ambient conditions and their effect on turf health and performance. Magro will explain how to use technology and models to determine if a system is trending toward positive or negative performance. Traditional models of growing degree days may fail to recognize fine changes in turf system’s microclimates. They generally focus on insects and other more easily predictable pests. Magro will share new technology experiences that are refining and inventing more useful models to assist turf managers with understanding how multiple variables combine to impact turf performance.

Carmen Magro, CGCS having served as Certified Golf Course Superintendent in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US for the earlier part of his career, has gone on to work in climates around the world dealing with warm and cool season grasses.