Irrigation: Science, Art and Measuring for Success

March 15th, 2018 4:34pm CDT

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Fortunately for superintendents, the frequency and timing of irrigation and the amount of water to apply on a golf course is never cause for concern, frustration, or argument. What?!? Obviously, if you agree with that first sentence you shouldn’t sign-up for this webcast that weaves basic soil science concepts including: field capacity, saturation, plant available water, soil moisture content, histosols, and subsidence and relates them to real-world techniques used to determine proper irrigation replacement.

While Thom Nikolai, Ph.D., is known worldwide as The Doctor of Green Speed it is important to note that he has taught both a soil science class and a golf course irrigation class more than a decade. Joining him is Nancy Dykema, research assistant at MSU, who presents the latest field research regarding irrigation programming and its impact on disease. To help make these connections, field research with wetting agents and green house experiments with soil amendments are covered.