Grow Your Own! The Value in Veggies – Establishing a golf course vegetable garden

March 27th, 2018 3:22pm CDT

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Superintendents are experts at plant care, soil management and irrigation (among other things). These skills can also be used to produce high-quality, delicious and nutritious vegetables. What an easy way to add value to an organization or business. In this 60-minute webcast, Kathy Antaya, CGCS, explains how your team can help establish raised-beds near the kitchen to bring fresh herbs and vegetables to the table. Chefs love the expensive fresh herbs, plate garnishments and unique veggies, and these can be grown in small spaces, on-property for pennies! With a little more growing space, seasonal menu items could be planned around home-grown garden crops. Or, perhaps extra space is available to offer for use as a community garden. (A community of members, or staff, or neighbors, etc.) This is becoming a common trend as urban golf properties recognize their role as green-space assets, and see the value in promoting urban farming. Learn more about how healthy food choices go hand-in-hand with the health benefits of golf.