Fall Fertilization: Prepare for Healthier Turf Next Spring

March 27th, 2018 4:29pm CDT

Sponsored By Koch Agronomic Services

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The spring of 2014 was a tough one for many courses, especially in the Northern U.S. After a difficult winter, superintendents dug their way out of the snow to discover that many greens and tees did not survive the harsh conditions. Fall fertilization is an integral part of healthy spring turfgrass growth and can play an important role in recovering from winter conditions. This is equally true in both cool- and warm-season grasses; the challenges and resulting programs will vary depending on climate. In this webinar, John Kruse, Ph.D., reviews critical planning and implementation of a fall fertilization program that will enable the plant to store energy in the roots and prepare for stronger growth and regeneration the following spring. This knowledge is valuable to superintendents working in any climate.