Dealing with Moss on Putting Greens

March 15th, 2018 7:05pm CDT

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Silvery Thread Moss (Bryum argenteum) has become a serious problem on many golf course putting greens. In many areas around the world, moss has been a problem for years, typically in environments that involve low light and cool and wet conditions. In the 1990s, silvery thread moss started to infest bentgrass putting greens in warmer and high-light environments. The spread of this weedy pest eventually included bermudagrass and Poa annua greens.

A number of factors have influence the spread of this ancient, simple organism. But the spread of moss across the world has coincided very closely with a decrease in mowing heights on putting greens. Join Fred Yelverton, Ph.D., for this 90-minute webcast to learn management practices that can reduce the invasion of this weed on putting greens.