Advantages of Tall Fescue: Drought Resistance

March 26th, 2018 7:18pm CDT

Sponsored By Oregon Tall Fescue Commission

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Tall fescue has been emerging in popularity over the last several decades. In more recent years, its role in water conservation has played a big part in the utilization of this drought-resistant species. We’ve witnessed the expansion of tall fescue north to Minnesota and south as far as Texas, and for good reason. Improved turf-type varieties of tall fescue exhibit a drought resistance unsurpassed by many other turfgrasses in a multitude of environments. The University of Minnesota’s Turfgrass Science Program has evaluated tall fescue in various settings, finding the benefits worthy of consideration for golf courses. In this webinar, Sam Bauer discusses the attributes of tall fescue that make it such a desirable species. Included are comparisons to other turf types as well as information on seed selection.