March 25th, 2024

GCSAA Podcast, Ep. 61: Jason Sfire on Breaking Barriers in Golf for Adaptive Athletes

When life throws a curveball, how do you swing back? In this episode of the GCSAA Podcast, Jason Sfire, an incredible advocate for adaptive athletics, opens up about his journey as an adaptive athlete in golf — a narrative that’s as much about his own conquests as it is a beacon for inclusivity and accessibility in sports. In a heartfelt discussion, we navigate Jason’s experiences, the insightful methods he’s championing for golf course operators to foster welcoming environments for all athletes, and the industry’s heartening response, as seen at the GCSAA Conference and Trade Show.

For more information about the National Alliance for Accessible Golf, visit the organization’s website. You can learn more about the Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Alliance by going here.

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