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Plant Management in Golf Course Ponds

April 30, 2013
9 a.m., Central
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Vegetation management in golf course water bodies can be challenging, which often makes it difficult to maintain water in pristine condition. Join Pete Filpansick of Lake Pro (Michigan) to discuss all aspects of plant management in ponds and lakes. This webcast is sponsored by Clipper Aquatic Herbicide. Clipper Aquatic Herbicide contains the active ingredient flumioxazin and has been developed by Valent Professional Products for use in aquatics to assist in the management of unwanted weeds. In field and research trials, applications of Clipper have proven to be a valuable tool to manage unwanted vegetation and provide an alternative option for controlling difficult-to-manage floating and submersed plants such as algae, Eurasian watermilfoil, cabomba, duckweed, and watermeal. Data taken from these trials will be shared that confirms Clipper is a selective herbicide with a short life, has minimal irrigation restrictions, and can easily be used as part of a successful management strategy for selected unwanted vegetation.

About the instructors

Pete is an Environmental Biologist and Director of Lake Services for a private lake management firm. He works with groups of lakefront owners, lake associations, S.A.D.s, and lake boards to manage their waterbodies. He conducts vegetation surveys, water quality studies, habitat surveys, organism inventories, and budget analyses to create customized lake management plans that incorporate a wide range of lake management practices. He also helps the riparians to implement these plans. You can contact Pete at or (810) 635-4400.

Jason Fausey, Ph.D., is a research and development specialist with Valent Professional Products. Fausey joined Valent 12 years ago after completing his master’s degree and doctorate at Michigan State University, where he specialized in herbicide physiology. Fausey currently resides in Fremont, Ohio, where he coordinates the research and development activities for Valent in its turf, ornamental, non-crop, and aquatics group. Fausey's responsibilities include developing new herbicides and plant growth regulators for Valent Professional Products in the United States, as well as in Canada.