GCSAA TV http://www.gcsaa.tv GCSAA TV is the product of a joint partnership between the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) and EPIC Creative. GCSAA TV brings you professionally produced video content designed to educate, enlighten and entertain. In addition to extensive daily coverage launched February 5, 2009, GCSAA TV takes viewers behind the scenes at major golf tournaments, spotlights the latest university research, offers first-hand tips from the industry's environmental leaders, goes inside some of the nation's most innovative golf operations, and offers special features on your professional association, its history and the work it does each day for its members. GCSAA TV hits one million views! http://www.gcsaa.tv/view.php?id=2595 GCSAA TV recently reached the million view milestone and rewarded viewers along the way. Toro, Ostara , Tee-2-Green and other companies generously donated prizes for the competition. Par 5- Maintaining Bluebird Boxes with Brian Beckner http://www.gcsaa.tv/view.php?id=2594 Brian Beckner, owner of Native Bird Boxes discusses the benefits of adding birdhouses to your course. Off the Course with Dave Herman at the University of Arizona http://www.gcsaa.tv/view.php?id=2593 Dave Herman gives you a look into his time Off the Course since becoming the turf manager at the University of Arizona. OSHA Safety Procedures: Maintaining a Culture of Safety http://www.gcsaa.tv/view.php?id=2592 Jeremy Wharton outlines proper protocols for keeping employees and equipment safe in the workplace.