GCSAA TV http://www.gcsaa.tv GCSAA TV is the product of a joint partnership between the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) and EPIC Creative. GCSAA TV brings you professionally produced video content designed to educate, enlighten and entertain. In addition to extensive daily coverage launched February 5, 2009, GCSAA TV takes viewers behind the scenes at major golf tournaments, spotlights the latest university research, offers first-hand tips from the industry's environmental leaders, goes inside some of the nation's most innovative golf operations, and offers special features on your professional association, its history and the work it does each day for its members. Superdogs! Meet Smut at Atlanta Country Club http://www.gcsaa.tv/view.php?id=2605 Smut, is a Border Collie from Atlanta Country Club. He is well trained and maintains the geese population on the course. He is the most popular employee! Water Conservation at Isleworth Golf and Country Club http://www.gcsaa.tv/view.php?id=2603 Sean Duffy, CGCS talks about his efforts for water conservation at Isleworth Golf and Country Club Par 5: Five steps to creating a habitat for the wood duck http://www.gcsaa.tv/view.php?id=2602 Brian Beckner, owner of Native Bird Boxes in Naples, FL walks us through five steps to create and maintain a habitat for the wood duck. 2015 Snowmold Field Study in Wausau, WI http://www.gcsaa.tv/view.php?id=2601 Dr. Paul Koch talks about this years snowmold field study in Wausau, WI