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2014 Golf Industry Show Coverage
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Live Schedule

All Times are Eastern

Tuesday, February 4th
2 PM Opening Lebanon Turf What's New at GIS Virtual Booth Visits
:15 Tournament Recap Interview with Tournament Winner
:30 Continued Roundtable: Hosting a Major
:45 Continued—Roundtable: With Matt Shaffer and Paul B. Latshaw, MSM, CGCS
Wednesday, February 5th
9 AM Opening Lebanon Turf Interview: MVT with Jim Letourneau from Foley United
:15 Tee It Up Sun Protection: Mark Wishner, Sun SafeTee Program
:30 Technology: Bob Vaughey Bill Irving
:45 Innovative Superintendents Virtual Booth Visits
3 PM Opening What's In Your Bag? Rebuilding After a Flood
:15 Continued Renovations: What an Architect & Builder Want You to Know
:30 Continued
:45 Transform Your Facility and Bottom Line Show Update from GCSAA
Thursday, February 6th
9 AM Opening Lebanon Turf Environmental Insights with Dan Dinelli
:15 Continued Virtual Booth Visits Tee It Up Project Course Rescue
:30 Continued Thom Nikolai Unplugged
:45 Continued Virtual Booth Visits
3 PM Opening What's In Your Bag Leadership Matters... NGCOA and You
:15 Continued Roundtable: International
:30 Roundtable: Government Relations
:45 Roundtable: Environment Show Update from GCSAA
Friday, February 7th
9 AM Opening Lebanon Turf Turf Bowl Coverage Show Review with GCSAA
:15 Tee It Up Show Wrap-Up with Scott Hollister, GCM
:30 Interview: Rhett Evans, CEO, GCSAA
:45 GIS 2015: San Antonio Preview Closing